14-1 FRHV2 Flash Hider Adapter AK 47 922r Compliant

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14-1 FRHV2 Flash Hider Adapter

AK 47 74

922r Compliant

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14-1 FRHV2 Flash Hider Adapter

FRH V2 Flash Redirecting Multipurpose Muzzle Device AK 47 922r Compliant 7.62x39 ak 47 74 AKM 101 102 103 104 105 12 15 18 usc 992R COMPLIANCE rpk aks ak 74N Best Discount Wholesale AK ar Parts and Accessories Austin Texas Oil filter adapter adaptor


14-1 FRHV2 Flash Hider Adapter

922r Compliant

Oil Filter Solvent Trap Adapter

“Black Nitride”

FRHV2 is the next generation of Flash Hiders.

This Flash Hider allows you to achieve Maximum Flash Suppression when in standard  configuration.

Please Note:  This is the Gen 2 version which Eliminates the Tuning Fork Sound associated with next generation Flash Suppressors/hiders.

It also allows you the opportunity to thread on 13/16″-16 accessories to achieve alternate configurations depending on your situational purpose.

Check out the Blast/Sound Forwarding cone Accessory (Sold Separately) which directs the sound and flash forward away form the shooter.  This is especially useful in CQB indoor situations.

Solid CNC Machined STEEL Construction.

We Use Black Nitride to finish these as it is the

“Best You Can Get.”

Screws onto a threaded barrel with threads of 14-1 mm thread pitch

Version Available:

  • 14-1mm (LH)  to 13/16″-16 Outside threads (Max Bore Caliber .7.62×39)
  •      14-1mm TPI inside threads (left hand threads)
  •      13/16″-16 TPI Outside threads


Product Description
  • CNC Machined From Cold Drawn Stress Relieved US Steel
  • Heat Treated
  • Finish = Black Nitride
  • 7.62×39 Multi Purpose Thread adapter/Muzzle Brake
  • Solid Machined Construction
  • 14.1mm (LH) TPI inside threads
  • 13/16″-16 TPI Outside threads
Muzzle Device Dimension 
  •      Length =2.25″
  •      For use with 7.62X39
  •      External THREADS on muzzle brake are 13/16″-16

Additional information

Muzzle Device Threads