VX-N Precision Muzzle Brake




VX-N Precision Muzzle Brake featureless Best Discount AR15 Glock AK47 parts Austin Texas USA 2VX-N Precision Muzzle Brake

 Made In The USA 

Features 4 Slight Right Twisting slots with 3 holes per slot for Improved Muzzle Control and Target Acquisition.

Equipped with 12 side ports and Aggressive Serrated notches at the Tip.
Screw-on design For Threaded Barrels Only.
Crush Washer Included.

Short Compact  1.75″ VX-N Muzzle Brake

Made In The USA With American Hands

These are Plated/Treated  with Melonite QPQ rather than the standard Phosphate.
Melonite QPQ gives these Muzzle Brakes the true deep Black color only the most expensive and sought after muzzle devices possess.

One of that biggest advantages is the Corrosion resistance of Melonite

The list of advantages of Melonite QPQ is a long one…

Manufactured From Stress Relieved Cold Drawn US Steel with American Hands


Just because the caliber matches your rifle does not mean this device will fit your barrel.

Barrel manufactures make multiple thread patterns for each and every caliber.

Any Reputable Barrel Manufacturer will disclose the thread pattern/pitch for the barrels they produce.

Short VX-N Precision Muzzle Brake Specifications

  • Made in The USA with American Hands
  • Precision Machined from Billet, Premium Quality Stress Relieved, Cold Drawn US Steel
  • Finish = Melonite QPQ Black (AKA Black Nitride)
  • Listing is for ONE Muzzle Brake (choose your size and caliber above)
  • Outer Diameter (OD)= .865”
  • Diameter of Wrench Flats= 3/4” or .750
  • Color: BLACK
  • Wrench Flat Ends For Easy Install
  • Comes with one Black Crush Washer (1/2 , 9/16 or 5/8)

Available Thread Pitch (Right Hand Threads)

  • 1/2″-28  VX-N22 (.223-5.56-.22)
  • 1/2″-28  VX-N29 (9mm)
  • 1/2″-36 VX-N36 (9mm)
  • 9/16-24 VX-N96 (6.5 Creedmore / Grendale) 
  • 5/8″-24 VX-N53 (.308-300 – 7.62) 
  • 5/8″-24  VX-N59 (9mm – .350 Legend) 
  • 5/8″-24  VX-N54 (.458 – 45 cal) 

Max Bore Size

  • VX-N22  Max Bore Size: .255″ (.22, .223, 5.56)
  • VX-N29 Max Bore Size:  .405″ (9mm)
  • VX-N36 Max Bore Size:  .390″ (9mm)
  • VX-N96 Max Bore Size:  .295″ (6.5mm Creedmoor/ Grendale)
  • VX-N53  Max Bore Size: .335″ (.308-300 AAC- 7.62)
  • VX-N59 Max Bore Size:  .390″ (9mm- .350 Legend)
  • VX-N54 Max Bore Size:  .500″ (.458 – 45)


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