A2 FoxHole Muzzle Brake




A2 FoxHole Muzzle Brake

A2 FoxHole Muzzle Brake Bird cage Austin Texas USA Rousch Sports Best Discount Wholesale Price

*** A2 FoxHole Muzzle Brake  + Crush Washer ***

*** Made In The USA ***

We offer this brake in two thread patterns.

(1/2″-28 tpi) for the .223 – 5.56 and .22 rifle

The (5/8″-24 tpi) version will fit other popular calibers such as: 

.308 – 7.62 – 300 Blackout


That’s Right This is a Special Run of A2 Muzzle brakes.
We have transformed the most popular Muzzle device sold into a 50 state legal muzzle brake.

This IS NOT your standard  Muzzle Brake

These have been coated in BLACK OXIDE rather than the standard Phosphate.

The Black Oxide gives these Muzzle Brakes the true deep Black color only the most expensive and sought after muzzle devices possess

BONUS!  Comes with one  Steel Crush Washer  Coated In Black Oxide


Made In The USA

Branson muzzle brake 
A2 FoxHole Muzzle Brake + Crush Washer Specifications:

  • CNC machined Heat Treated Steel
  • Rousch Fox Hole Design
  • Premium Black Oxide Finish
  • 5/8″-24 Tpi = Application: .308 – 7.62 – 300 blackout – etc.
  • 1/2″28 TPI  = Application: .223 – 5.56 – .22
  • Length 1.75”
  • Bore Diameter .368 inches
  • Premium Black Oxide Coated Crush Washer Included



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