AR15 AR10 Mil-Spec Trigger Creep Adjustment Pistol Grip Screw

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Trigger Creep Adjustment Pistol Grip Screw

AR15 AR10 Mil-Spec Trigger Creep Adjustment Pistol Grip Screw .223 5.56 AR 15  10 M4 M16 Best Discount Wholesale AR Parts and Accessories Austin Texas USA


Are looking to improve your AR15 or AR10 Mil-Spec/ Factory Trigger?

The AR15 AR10 Mil-Spec Trigger Creep Adjustment Pistol Grip Screw  is the Simplest Most Cost Effective way to do this.

See Proper Installation Instructions Below**


Simply replace your current Pistol Grip Screw with Our AR15 AR10 Mil-Spec Trigger Creep Adjustment Pistol Grip Screw.

Adjust the set screw to fine tune trigger creep with the provided Extra Long Hex Wrench.

Pretty simple and straight forward way to Reduce your Mil-Spec Trigger creep.

This will allow for a much improved trigger feel allowing for Faster More Accurate Follow up shots.


Remember : If you are inclined to do an easy complete trigger job for a fraction of Gunsmiths price add the JP Enhanced Reliabilty Springs along with this Trigger Adjustment grip screw to your order to Reduce the Trigger pull weight while reducing your trigger creep with the Trigger Creep Adjustment Pistol Grip Screw.



  • Pistol Grip Screw (internally threaded)
  • Set Screw
  • Star Washer
  • One: Extended Grip Screw Hex Wrench
  • One: XL Extended Grip Screw Set Pin Hex Wrench


*** Important : Please inspect your lower receiver to verify the grip screw threads are drilled and tapped all the way through the receiver.  If the Grip Screw threads are not drilled an tapped completely through the receiver this item will not work on your receiver.

Read these instructions first before installing so you’re familiar with the process before staring the installation.

Assembly Instructions:

Prep Work

  • Locate the internally threaded grip screw and the Grip Screw Set Pin. (the set pin will be threaded inside the grip screw already)
  • Remove the Set screw from the Grip Screw with the provided hex wrench.
  • Apply a small dab of loctite  242 (blue) (do not use Red loctite) on the lower  portion of the set screw
  • Install the Set screw back into the internally threaded grip screw.
  • Screw the set screw so that it is hidden or barely sticking out from the Grip screw.
  • Locate Star washer and install on Grip Screw

Installation into Firearm:


  1. Separate the Upper from The Lower.
  2. Replace the Factory/OEM Grip Screw with the “AR15 AR10 Mil-Spec Trigger Creep Adjustment Pistol Grip Screw” and star washer.
  3. IMPORTANT: Avoid removing the pistol grip itself as it houses  the the Safety detent and Safety Spring.



Set the lower receivers safety to the”ON” position.

You will have to manually pull the hammer back to set the safety to “ON”.

Using the Extra long Hex Key to adjust the set screw in until it stops without any force (do not tighten).

Move the safety from safe to fire and back to safe a few times. DO NOT Force the Safety. The safety may be difficult to toggle between positions.

Back off the set screw until you can freely move the safety through its positions and the safety fully engages both the safe and the fire positions.

Function test the trigger to ensure the the hammer and trigger are engaging and releasing properly as designed and the safety is functioning correctly. (DO NOT allow the hammer to hit your mag-well during your function testing)

With the safety in the “ON” position there should be no movement in the trigger when pulled

SAFETY WARNING- Always be sure your safety fully engages in all positions. Without a properly operating safety dropping or jarring any loaded weapon can cause series injury or death. Your Firearm must always be unloaded before making any adjustments to the Trigger Creep Adjustment Pistol Grip Screw. Over adjusting can operate the trigger which would fire the weapon. Adjust the set screw so that your safety absolutely fully engages the fire/Safe positions freely. 

You are solely responsible for the installation, adjustment(s), Maintenance, purchase and safe use of this product and your firearm in accordance with the instructions and warnings above.